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TaperMag™ Fiberoptic Reading Magnifier!

Magnified road

Low Distortion

Magnified page
	      of phonebook

Brighter Image

Simple to Use - No Focusing!

A unique fiber optic reading magnifier, TaperMag™ presents a bright, full-color television-like image without the use of lenses. It works with available light and requires no batteries or electrical hookup.
It is particularly valuable as a reading aid for the visually impaired but useful for anyone requiring added magnification to read today's smaller print in telephone directories, stock market lists and a wide variety of other printed matter.  It is easy to use because it requires no focusing, only gentle gliding along the line of print. It can be used alone or in conjunction with reading glasses.

TaperMags are superior to lens magnifiers
· TaperMags provide low distortion images!
· The magnified image has uniform brightness that is even brighter than the surrounding page!
· The real image is formed on the top surface and can be viewed simultaneously with both eyes!
· The print is much larger because the image is closer to the eye than when using a lens magnifier!
· Viewing is more comfortable because a larger area of the page can be scanned without changing head position, as is necessary with a lens magnifier!
· TaperMags can be easily moved around the page with no focusing!
· Annoying reflections are easier to avoid!
· TaperMags can be used with reading glasses!

Specifications and ordering information:

Model Mag. Diam. Height Weight   Price



25 mm

18 mm

28 gm




40 mm

25 mm

71 gm




52 mm

35 mm

170 gm


* New design!  Lighter weight, higher magnification, and brighter than previous model.

For further information, or
To place an order, contact:

globe eli@vision.eri.harvard.edu

For more technical information, click on https://pelilab.partners.org/projects/fiber_mag.html